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When I was working on my ebook, Expand Curious, I decided that I would involve a pressed leaf or flower from my yard in random copies of the ebook. If you purchased a print duplicate, remember to switch to web page 87 to see if you acquired a person.

Pressed hosta leaf from my yard.

I’ve pressed quite a few leaves and bouquets by means of my yrs as a gardener, but urgent in high volume inspired me — or instead, gave me an justification — to experiment much more than I had ahead of with urgent all kinds of vegetation and plant sections. I have held it up considering the fact that and am expanding a assortment to maintain so that sooner or later I can make an herbarium [a collection of preserved plant material that catalogues the flora of an area] of this garden and my time right here.

I’ve identified that whilst a correct flower push is helpful for journey, a seriously big reserve operates just as nicely for most plants and is my desired press to use. It is quicker for the reason that you can just tuck leaves in as you, somewhat than unscrewing each bolt and changing. I have a particular book that I use most. It’s an above-sized cookbook with thick paper that I didn’t particularly like and meant to purge right until I recognized it would make a terrific plant push! I have also utilized an aged phonebook, but they are tricky to appear by these days!

White bleeding heart bouquets (Dicentra spectabilis). These are particular to me due to the fact my close friend Sakura gave this plant to me several yrs back as a seedling just times before we lost her in a car accident.

Pressed leaf of my Bodhi tree (Ficus religiosa).

I spot a handful of parts of paper about leaves to soak up the dampness that is expressed by means of the drying process and avoid sticking. Plain duplicate paper is high-quality for most leaves, but a an absorbent paper these as newsprint (low-cost) or blotting paper (far more pricey) can be applied when there is much more dampness inside of the leaves. In the case of thicker leaves (or bouquets), I really do not push also tough to start with, slowly incorporating much more pounds on top rated in the variety of various major textbooks stacked one particular at a time. Much too much fat all at at the time can smash the liquid out and make the plant areas permenantly stick to the paper.

I have had some results with this sluggish approach when urgent thicker flowers like tulips or daffodils, but over-all a push is preferable because it is less complicated to distribute the bodyweight/strain similarly. I have 2 tiny presses related to this a single, but have experienced plans in my head for about 15 many years to make a more substantial just one. I may well just eventually give in and obtain a thing like this. I feel straps are better than corner bolts at a bigger dimension mainly because of the distribution of excess weight/tension. Corner bolts suggests there’s no weight pressing in the middle, which can be an situation with thicker plant products. I don’t have a microwave and have never ever used a microwave press so I just can’t discuss to their efficacy.

Other Recommendations:

  • Obtain plant supplies on dry days after the early morning dew has evaporated.
  • Books function best for most leaves and thinner bouquets these kinds of as pansies, aquilegia, and bleeding hearts that aren’t much too squishy.
  • “Drier” leaves from crops these types of as Japanese maple, gingko, or sage are substantially much easier to press than the thicker, wetter leaves of tropical houseplants.
  • Do a bunch of plants at the moment if you can. It’s far better to do a bunch and then depart them be. When I do a new batch, I usually begin yet again with an additional reserve or push and wait for the initially batch to dry in advance of getting rid of them and reusing the reserve.
  • I do reuse the blotting paper quite a few moments more than even regular duplicate paper can ordinarily get numerous employs.
  • I keep my pressed components in a flat file drawer unit with sheets of paper among them to make elimination straightforward considering that they are so delicate. See pic over
  • I bought herbarium strips for mounting from this etsy vendor.

* The pressing at the top of the page is a tiny Monstera deliciosa.


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