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Like a Prayer

I experienced a bad night time of sleeplessness and discomfort. Also considerably nervousness. Much too substantially worry about items I just can’t regulate. Striving to predict what comes up coming, simply because my go-to is vigilance, as if that has ever stored me safe. Spoiler: it just retains me in a point out of sympathetic dominance (RE: stressed out).

At some point, I stopped my head and informed myself that I’m just gonna do what I can do. Have an outcome the place and when I am capable. Absolutely nothing much more or a lot less.

I will plant my seeds and mature my garden. I will meditate and do my best to continue to keep my health amount. I will Rest. I will nurture myself as most effective I can in the means I know how. In the methods I am nonetheless discovering.

I will stop scrolling for updates. I will cease earning place for panicked voices and these who capitalize on our collective anxiety.

I will retain in touch with beloved kinds and cultivate togetherness.

I will make artwork every day. It doesn’t have to be “good”. It’s all in the executing. I will use my hands and remain related to my system.

Keep a needle and make a stitch. And a different. And yet another. Attract a line. Make a mark. Contact the soil. Touch the plants. Contact the earth. Deal with the solar.

I will preserve executing my finest to present what I can to the environment. I will be mindful of my boundaries and hear for when my human body is asking for limitations.

I will not sink into despair.

I will place a person foot in entrance of the other, bit by bit, meticulously. Like a prayer.

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