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Low hedging plants

Simple-care vegetation for very low hedging borders. 

Nandina ‘Flirt’

‘FLIRT’ is a dwarf groundcover Nandina creating pink new growth through Spring, Autumn and Summer. White bouquets surface in Spring. 

Use as a floor go over, reduced hedge or a function in comprehensive sunshine to average shade position. It is quite drought, humidity and chilly tolerant, escalating nicely all over Australia.

Prune every single couple of several years if wanted. Functions in absolutely free-draining to hefty clay soils.


Nadina ‘Lemon and Lime’

Nandina ‘Lemon and Lime’ has a compact, evergreen form and restricted pattern. With amazing lime environmentally friendly foliage and an explosion of lemon tones 12 months-spherical, this Nandina is extremely multipurpose and tolerant of frosty ailments and whole solar planting.



Acacia ‘Limelight’

Acacia ‘Limelight’ is a compact indigenous shrub with remarkable lime environmentally friendly, pendulous foliage all yr spherical. Dry tolerant and hardy, it will expand in full sun or aspect shade in most effectively-drained soils or pots. Feed with Searles Robust Indigenous Fertiliser. Tolerates mild frosts.


Dianella ‘Little Jess’

Dianella ‘Little Jess’ is a dwarf with short, upright canes producing masses of purple bouquets in the course of Spring to early Summer.

Plant in full sunlight and moderate to heavy shade. Tolerates drought, humidity and frost. Effortless to treatment for.


Agapanthus ‘Baby Pete’

Many Agapanthus are rapid to self-seed and as these types of this genus is typically stated as an invasive weed, speedily escaping into neighbouring reserves and bushland. A large reward with the dwarf ‘Baby Pete’ is that it is a sterile selection that does not set seed so there is no need to get worried about upsetting indigenous habitats. 20cm H x 40cm W. 



Dwarf Bamboo ‘Whitestripe’

Dwarf Whitestripe displays crisp eco-friendly and white variegated foliage. Will flush back again denser and fresher when trimmed down routinely.


Coprosma ‘Ignite’

Plant an ‘Ignite’ for an rigorous deep red foliage in Summertime and warming purple tones in Winter season. Particularly shiny, vivid leaves. Dry tolerant and hardy.

Plant in a comprehensive sun to part shade situation. Great vibrant element plant for blended garden beds, informal borders and huge containers.

Plant in a nicely-drained soil of Searles High quality Yard Soil. Reduced maintenance with no exclusive treatment prerequisites. Incredibly dry tolerant after established.


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