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Little crops for smaller ponds

Plants in a drinking water backyard garden not only give natural beauty and naturalisation, but they also assist harmony the pond ecosystem. Even a modest pond will reward from the beauty of aquatic plants. We have picked our best favourites that do nicely in lesser aquatic foot prints.


Variegated Sweet Flag

Also recognized as golden Japanese sweet flag, the lovely foliage is gentle environmentally friendly and highlighted with brilliant yellow stripes, remaining lovely all year. Due to the fact it tolerates some shade, you can use Dwarf Variegated Sweetflag to brighten shady parts of your water backyard garden, even though including texture and colour to the borders and edges of your pond. Does effectively in sunny regions, tolerates some shade, and grows 8 to 12 inches tall. An all-around good plant that provides a shiny, cheerful location to any water characteristic!

Water Lettuce

Together with other floating crops, h2o lettuce is an simple treatment aquatic plant that doesn’t need potting or actually substantially notice at all. It just floats along in your pond, quietly soaking up vitamins and minerals assisting to prevent the abnormal advancement of algae. It also shades the water, aiding continue to keep it amazing whilst supplying a cozy hiding place for the fish that are living in the pond. It does finest in some shade.

Helvola Waterlily

A tiny yellow waterlily with flowers 2-3″ in diameter, the Helvola waterlily is excellent for smaller ponds. It blooms from spring until eventually wintertime, loves entire solar, and is extremely hardy.

Creeping Jenny

Rounded, light-weight green leaves variety a mat along the edge of the pond in shallow water and fantastically drape over rocks in a stream. Creeping Jenny grows about 2.5 to 7.5cm in height and is a favorite between h2o gardeners for its lower-routine maintenance characteristic. You’ll love its bright colour versus the awesome waters of the pond.


The most preferred of the submerged vegetation, the anacharis grows rooted in the pond substrate or potted in sand. It has small white flowers that produce on the surface area of the h2o in the summer months. Every single stem has limited, skinny leaves whorled close to it, like a bottle brush.

Yellow H2o Snowflake

Yellow Water Snowflake has incredibly frilly, star-formed yellow flowers and eco-friendly leaves. This cost-free flowering plant has a quickly-escalating, running spreading habit so you may possibly have to have to trim it back again from time to time. Ideally it grows in 10 to 60cm of drinking water.

Aquatic Ignore Me Not

Quite blue bouquets about 60mm in diameter sit atop velvety leaves and thrive in entire to component sun. Plant these charmers in the vicinity of the edge of the pond and they’ll bloom all summer time.


You may perhaps feel of impatiens as a terrestrial plant, but these dainty bouquets do quite properly planted as an aquatic marginal. These cheery shade lovers can be planted in between rocks or at the edges of a stream. They’ll mound as they improve and make a putting focal point in any pond.


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