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The sorts of daisies

Types of daisies in Australia - Daisy varieties - Marguerite daisy #aboutthegardenmagazine-1

The straightforward daisy has managed to capture the hearts of all who enterprise into gardening. They are a member of an huge group of vegetation botanically referred to as the asteracea, (formerly the compositae) and can be uncovered on all continents besides for Antarctica.

While seemingly basic in visual appeal, daisies are actually far more like two bouquets in a single. The principal being the rosette of greater petals that surrounds a central disc crammed with very small (authentic) bouquets arranged in tight whorls. It is within just these very small flowers that the stamens and pollen are to be identified by checking out bugs in research of a wealthy feed of nectar.

The simplicity of a daisy flower ensures that it will constantly continue to be amongst the world’s most recognisable of backyard garden bouquets the place it can be easily employed in any fashion or dimensions of backyard. They are a beacon to most, if not all, varieties of helpful insect lifestyle as their condition is the ideal landing platform on which a butterfly or bee can place very easily from afar.

At this time of year, most yard centres and nurseries are loaded with daises of all descriptions all equally vying for your consideration in the hopes of getting up extensive term home in your garden, balcony or patio.  There are significantly as well quite a few to mention within the confines of this publication, but let’s glance at a handful of superb members of this vast and assorted household that can carry a burst of excitement to your outside residing spaces.


Types of daisy varieties in Australia #aboutthegardenmagazine.inTypes of daisy varieties in Australia


>> marguerite or federation daisies

Marguerite or Federation daisies (Argyranthemum frutescens), remain a highly preferred option with a lot of who love cottage type gardens exactly where they can fill in restricted spaces with flashes of lively colour for months on finish. Well tailored to our Australian weather, Federation Daisies love a nutrient prosperous, comprehensive sun situation that is effectively-drained yet not overly dry. The newer hybrid cultivars have been formulated to remain compact in advancement while the more mature sorts can reach heights very well around a single metre. In heat climates, flowers are generally made from mid-wintertime till late spring, when in far more temperate zones flowering is prolonged from early spring right up until mid or late summer and colours incorporate all shades of pink, cerise, yellow and of study course, common white.  A light-weight prune by 1 third is highly recommended as they enter their closing phase of flowering and a generous application of dolomite to enable sweeten the soil will keep them happy above the summer months.


Types of daisy varieties in Australia #aboutthegardenmagazine.inTypes of daisy varieties in Australia

>> african daisies

African Daisies (Osteospurmum) are the heralds of spring. Also recognized as the flower of the Veldt in their indigenous South Africa, they are normally baffled with their (short-lived) cousins the Dimorphotheca. No matter what you simply call them, their vivid flowers supply a demonstrate that just lights up a yard. Although very similar in visual appearance to the Marguerite daisy, African daisies are difficult contenders in the yard and can withstand growing in tough websites together with steep slopes and coastal gardens. For all those in hotter elements of the nation, the African daisies are typically the much better option for long-phrase satisfaction all over our heat-filled summertime months. Flower colours variety from the deepest violet purple, lavender, white, lilac and lemon yellow, with many sporting an intriguing double toned result with each and every outer petal boasting a slightly contrasting colour tone on its underside.


Types of daisies in Australia - Daisy varieties - Gazania daisy #aboutthegardenmagazine-4Types of daisies in Australia - Daisy varieties - Gazania daisy #aboutthegardenmagazine-4

>> gazanias

The humble Gazania (Gazania rigens) has graced lots of gardens now for what would seem like generations and has develop into practically neglected as a single of the most floriferous species that can deliver charming color even though furnishing a living mulch to carpet the ground and aid in the manage of weeds. There are two distinct sorts you can choose from, 1 that tends to make tight clumps and a different that creates aboveground stolon’s or runners that get root as they spread. This latter kind is especially helpful at filling up large areas in the shortest period of time of time, although the clumping types can be simply made use of as an eye-catching backyard garden edging. Gazanias are totally able of expanding on steep web pages, uncovered coastal circumstances or everywhere that calls for filling with very low treatment and upkeep selections. Acquire the time to peer carefully into the facial area of a gazania, and you will recognize a rainbow of colors that increase from the ideas of the petals appropriate into the central eye-zone of the flower. The additional sunlight you allow your gazanias to bathtub in, the superior and much better they flower. Stay away from wet or shady web pages as this will only sluggish them down and can induce the crowns and roots to rot. 


Types of daisy varieties in Australia #aboutthegardenmagazine.inTypes of daisy varieties in Australia

>> sunflowers

Occasionally it’s not all about extensive-time period in the garden and two exceptional once-a-year flowering daisies really tug at the heartstrings.

I really do not know of everyone who frowns when hunting at a sunflower. As just one of the most recognizable of all daisies, the sunflower (Helianthus annuus) is a pleasure to have in any back garden. Uncomplicated to mature in any properly-drained sunny corner, they are best grown from seed right sown into position. As soon as germinated, they usually consider only a number of limited weeks  to flower from when they initially show up as seedlings. These days colors extend much over and above the sunny golden yellow and can be found in autumnal shades of bronze, product, mahogany, orange and blended shades of all the previously mentioned. Bees simply adore sunflowers when in bloom so are fantastic decisions for incorporating a spark into effective gardens and of study course, they make outstanding lower bouquets. Sunflowers are an quick way of attractive younger children to back garden as they see their attempts immediately rewarded though normally becoming excited at the much larger than lifestyle blooms.

One more member of the sunflower household is the Jerusalem artichoke (Helianthus tuberosus). This North American native is not to be perplexed as a real Artichoke nor is it from Jerusalem!

This is an effortless to improve member of the daisy spouse and children that can get to heights of around two metres nonetheless unlike most sunflowers, hold lots of (lesser) heads of golden yellow flowers all at as soon as through late spring and effectively into summer time. They kind clusters of edible underground tubers that resemble little potatoes that are only mouth watering when dug up each and every winter when the plants come to be deciduous. Replanting some of these tubers will make certain more yields the next winter. Most daisies are not renowned for any amount of perfume, still Jerusalem artichokes have a exceptional scent of milk chocolate and will draw in a broad array of useful insect everyday living into the back garden when also generating a great option as a lower flower. Owing to their peak, they should really be planted in direction of the back again of backyard garden beds where by they can sort a delightful backdrop to other plants and can sometimes involve staking if your web-site happens to be windy.


Types of daisy varieties in Australia #aboutthegardenmagazine.inTypes of daisy varieties in Australia


>> shasta daisy

If nostalgia is large on the agenda, then the addition of the previous fashioned Shasta daisy (Leucanthemum × superbum) should be a definite addition to your backyard garden. This spreading perennial is now offered in both equally dwarf and taller kinds and helps make outstanding slice bouquets with their obvious white discs that shimmer in the daylight. Supply Shasta daisies with sufficient space in complete sunlight to mild shade to make sturdy clumps so the bouquets can be held significant above the abundant apple inexperienced foliage. Bouquets normally surface  (dependent on cultivar) from late winter through to early summer months and are a favorite of butterflies and bees of all sorts.


Types of daisy varieties in Australia #aboutthegardenmagazine.inTypes of daisy varieties in Australia


>> Edible daisies

Finally, holding with the ‘productive’ topic, a lot of daisies also engage in a powerful part in the environment of herbs. Three in unique are Echinacea (Echinacea purpurea), Calendula (Calendula officinalis) and Feverfew (Tanacetum parthenium).

Echinacea is native to North The us where is it is a wild flower of the prairies. It is a clump forming (brief -term) perennial that varieties tall eye-catching magenta flower heads that are extensive long lasting and have a stiff central cone that butterflies uncover irresistible. Bouquets are generally shaped through the hotter months in temperate zones still can be witnessed flowering at any time of the 12 months in hotter climates. Echinacea love a somewhat alkaline soil in whole solar for most effective benefits and can glance amazing if mass planted in amongst smaller, soft grasses and other light perennials these kinds of as Gaura.

Calendula is a seasonal annual that enjoys the cooler times of the calendar year for strongest progress and doubles up as possessing tasty, edible flowers in shades of deep orange, gold and apricot. Calendulas are terrific as additions to the vegetable yard where by they can provide shiny color and curiosity even though encouraging to discourage numerous marauding insects absent from other prized crops.

They seem similarly as charming and content material if grown in basic terracotta pots and positioned on measures or balconies.

Feverfew is all also normally overlooked by numerous as a appealing addition nevertheless justifies to be found as a hugely helpful plant in all gardens.  Not only do the clusters of creamy white flowers glimpse incredibly appealing scattered amongst other flowering plants, but they convey a extremely substantial volume of normal predators and valuable pollinators into any sized yard. Upright sprays to sixty centimeters of delightful tiny daises are fashioned all as a result of spring and summer time from fragrant foliage that appear to be to previous for months on close and can be employed perfectly as minimize bouquets. Feverfew is not to be baffled as Chamomile (which is also a daisy) as whilst it does have edible traits, will make a very bitter tasting tea.

It ought to be observed that despite the fact that Echinacea, Feverfew and Calendula all carry sturdy (practical) medicinal qualities, it is not advised that these be made use of as house treatments except if beneath the demanding steerage of a qualified naturopath or herbalist.   


Types of daisy varieties in Australia #aboutthegardenmagazine.inTypes of daisy varieties in Australia



Types of daisy varieties in Australia #aboutthegardenmagazine.inTypes of daisy varieties in Australia

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