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Botanical Artist – Australian Artist Profile – Roz Borg

Australian Botanical Artist Roz Borg #aboutthegardenmagazine.ind

Roz Borg fell into botanical art as a result of her appreciate of interiors. When serving to relatives style and design a cafe 3 decades ago her Art Degree kicked into gear and she started out working with vegetation as not only as a space filler but as artwork. Terrariums, succulent residing frames and decorative planters designed bespoke for the place immediately gained curiosity from the clientele and from the desire Arozona was born.


Though marketing her succulent creations at the area marketplaces, Roz was released to the Japanese artwork kind, Kokedama, by a perfectly identified Kokedama maker in Australia. Subsequently her creativeness turned to creating and meeting the demand from customers for these exclusive potted vegetation.


A chance collaboration on a styled marriage ceremony shoot in 2016 content the need to evolve even more and authorized the creative liberty to use crops as wearable artwork. Intricate rings produced from very small succulents, earrings and other add-ons gave way to another new area to check out.


Australian Botanical Artist Roz Borg #aboutthegardenmagazine.indAustralian Botanical Artist Roz Borg #aboutthegardenmagazine.ind


Slipping in really like with the procedure of propagating tiny succulents for wearable art gave her an thought to use them in a way not observed right before. Succulent nails fulfilled Roz artistic intentions to stirring community interest.


Australian Botanical Artist Roz Borg #aboutthegardenmagazine.ind

Australian Botanical Artist Roz Borg #aboutthegardenmagazine.ind



Roz has acquired intercontinental curiosity for her wearable art from social media posts. Her thirst for building exciting and new strategies to present succulents will sure to delight for numerous additional many years.


Roz’s succulent propagating recommendations

Least complicated way to propagate succulents is to wiggle a healthful mature reduced leaf carefully off the mom plant. Depart the leaf beneath the mom plant or put on to a flat dry surface area in oblique daylight devoid of soil or drinking water until finally roots or a toddler succulent seems. Once roots look, pot into absolutely free draining soil combination of Searles Premium Potting Mix, small grit and a tiny blood and bone or worm juice. Drinking water gently with a hose, on shower environment, when soil is dry. Depart in a bright place and gradually introduce to immediate early morning sun then water weekly as regular. Go away outdated leaf hooked up till it turns brown and falls off by natural means.


See extra shots of Roz’s creations on instagram


Australian Botanical Artist Roz Borg #aboutthegardenmagazine.indAustralian Botanical Artist Roz Borg #aboutthegardenmagazine.ind


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