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Seven (7) Autumn Herb Planting Recommendations

Tips for growing Autumn Herbs

Autumn is a good time to plant herbs in most parts of Australia and a excellent addition to any home yard, remaining not only ornamental but delectable in hearty stews and luxurious Asian dishes.

Under is our ‘Seven (7) Autumn Herb Planting Tips’ that will have your herb flourishing!

  1. Herbs really like nicely drained soil:
    – if planting in a yard mattress with significant clay soil, develop up yard beds with a lot of  compost and 5IN1 Organic Fertiliser to enrich with nutrition.
    –  if the soil is acidic, include dolomite or backyard garden lime two (2) weeks before planting.
  2. Keep herbs well mulched, retaining the mulch very clear of the plant stems.
  3. Use diluted solution of SeaMax Fish & Kelp fortnightly to continue to keep crops well nourished and to enhance their natural resistance to ailment.
  4. If growing herbs in pots use a potting mix with superior drainage this sort of as Searles Herb & Vegetable Potting Mix.
  5. Sage, thyme, lavender, borage, chives and rosemary all like total solar.
  6. Mint, basil and parsley choose afternoon share or mild, overhead shade all working day.
  7. In the tropics, address oregano, marjoram and rosemary as annuals. Plant them in autumn and remove them prior to the onslaught of summer months heat and humidity.


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