Muskoka Lakes Gardens

Autumn Faeries

Davin shot this ethereal, slow movement video clip in the garden past weekend.

I imagine these were the same midges that danced about me one afternoon a number of weeks ago as I was setting up a cold frame in excess of this mattress in anticipation of the killing frost. And however here they had been once again, much more than a 7 days Following we hit -10C. I’ve been wondering how that is doable and if, maybe, they had been capable to survive below the deal with the of chilly frame’s defense or somewhere else in the back garden. It looks awfully late in the period for them to be out mating. I’ve performed some digging, but have not been equipped to accurately discover the Latin identify of this hardy minor creature.

It is in times like this when I realize that regardless of getting lived with and in this very small parcel of earth by means of 7 rising seasons, I have barely started to unpack its mysteries.

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