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How to increase, plant and fertilise mangoes

How to grow, plant and fertilise mangoes in Australia #abouttheg
One particular of the very first fruits which arrive to brain when we think of summertime is the fleshy, juicy mango with its golden sunny flesh tempting us. If you have a minor home in your again backyard garden, you won’t be disappointed planting one particular of these divine trees and raiding its offerings.


Plant young mango trees in a sunny placement in the garden, where by there is plenty of home to acquire to total dimensions. Grafted trees are ideal and bear more quickly than seed-grown trees. Mango trees are significant feeders and require full sunlight to expand their golden fruit. Blend some 5 IN 1 Organic Plant Food items into the current soil right before planting. 5 IN 1 is prosperous in composted manures, natural fertilisers and minerals to meet all their needs.


An ideal fertiliser to expand huge fruit is a single with substantial potassium. Searles Fruit & Citrus Food stuff is boosted with minerals to motivate significant fruit. Feed young trees in mid-spring and mid-summer and bearing trees throughout early summer months, when fruiting, and yet again in late summertime.


Recognized trees don’t need watering but younger plants will need lots of water in summer months. Water sparingly in late wintertime and spring, in advance of the onset of flowering.

Very best Varieties

“Kensington Pride” is the most well-liked wide range and ‘Palmer’ is a smaller-increasing tree which crops well. Compact trees are a great deal easier to control in the property yard for pests, ailments, general care and harvesting. Other people to look for consist of ‘E2’, ‘Ono’, ‘Keitt’, ‘Nam Dioc Mai’ and ‘Tommy Atkins’. But verify with your garden centre for what is the most effective obtainable.


Harvest mangoes when the colour of the pores and skin flesh turns from eco-friendly to yellow, orange or pink. Its closing ripened color may possibly change dependent on wide variety. As the mangoes ripen, watch out for birds and bats. Paper bag each individual mango if sensible or include the tree with a bird pleasant internet. To find out the finest time to choose the fruit, choose a single first to sample. If the interior flesh is yellow all through then your mangoes can be picked. 

Pests & Ailments

Anthracnose is the key disorder trouble its signs are flower loss of life, dark markings on leaves and stems, and untimely fruit fall or blackening. Anthracnose can come on very rapidly all through very long periods of moist weather. The fungus seems as irregular shaped black places and can distribute really promptly and assault flower panicles, fruit and youthful developing leaves, stopping fruit growth. Address sickness with alternate sprays of Mancozeb and Copper Oxchloride. Browse far more about Anthracnose

Fruit fly avoidance is obligatory if your tree is far too big to spray correctly, use traps, like Searles Fruit Fly Entice. This entice is so straightforward to use.

Anthracnose on growing mangoes in Australia #aboutthegardenmagazAnthracnose on growing mangoes in Australia #aboutthegardenmagaz



The tree will be healthier and glance superior if the moment a calendar year after fruiting you take out the useless wooden. This is also the time to evenly form the tree if expected. Fruit is much easier to select, if the tree does not grow too tall. So if you are sufficiently energetic, get up on a phase ladder and slash back again the leading of the tree every year to create a lower, spreading behavior which is a lot easier to handle. Do this per year from when the tree is really youthful and it will acquire to the condition and size you have to have. Have on gloves and protecting apparel when pruning because the mango tree has a pretty irritating sap which is challenging to take out from pores and skin or garments.


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