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Mandevilla – Massive flower plant climber

Mandevillas climbing plant in Australia #aboutthegardenmagazine.
Have you ever wished you could ‘splash’ vibrant bouquets all about your back garden, as if with a magical paintbrush? Mandevillas can do just that, furnishing bold, tropical colour and wanting fantastic for most of the calendar year with minimum effort and hard work.

Mandevilla (occasionally known as Dipladenia) is a lush, tropical climber that flowers flamboyantly all 12 months round In hotter climates. Hardy and multipurpose, it flowers in shades of deep burgundy, scarlet, via all shades of pink and white. It is wonderful in substantial pots where it can provide an instantaneous lush, tropical seem to poolsides and out of doors entertaining regions. Give it a sunny placement for greatest flowering, a rich, nicely drained soil and lots of moisture all through the developing year. Originating from tropical South America, it enjoys a Cairns or Brisbane local climate but will increase properly as significantly south as Melbourne if offered a warm placement and shelter from frost. It is probable nonetheless, to stop flowering in winter season in cooler areas.

Mandevillas climbing plants for pergolas, trellis in Australia #Mandevillas climbing plants for pergolas, trellis in Australia #

Schooling your mandevilla

The mandevilla is in a natural way a climber but can be pruned into a compact bush. If untrained, it will mature upward to a specified top and then the prolonged runners will tumble downward like a fountain, so a determination demands to be manufactured regardless of whether to coach it as a bush or as a climber. Help at the base of the plant by staking it when it is young will help it create a good ‘trunk’ and give it a bushy or shrub-like habit. If you want your mandevilla to be a climber, supply it with a trellis or plant it in close proximity to a fence or pergola and wind the prolonged tendrils onto the structure as it grows.


Idea prune non-climbing vegetation regularly to endorse bushiness. Reduce again comprehensively in late winter season or spring, when flowering is lightest. Even mandevillas qualified as climbing vegetation will do ideal if pruned on a yearly basis.


Mandevillas have a tuberous root technique which will make them hardy throughout dry spells but which also tends to make them susceptible to root rot in boggy conditions, so make positive they have good drainage and never overwater for the duration of winter season. Utilize a generous layer of mulch to conserve h2o.

Fertilising Mandevillas

Maintain mandevillas well fed with an software of Searles Strong in Oct and yet again in April. Alternatively, 12 months-round feeds with Searles Flourishfortnightly in summer months, every month in wintertime, will hold crops nutritious and market flowering.

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