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Straightforward Hen Seed Hanging Feeder to make

Want to appeal to additional birds to your garden? Listed here is an quick and fast recipe to whip up in the kitchen area and cling in your favourite tree. Make a cup of espresso and watch your feathered friends arrive to pay a visit to.


2 x 50g gelatine packets

250ml h2o

2 or 3 cups of bird seed

Oil spray

Shape cutters



Process – Fowl Seed Hanging Feeder

Convey water to boil in a compact saucepan, increase gelatine packets to h2o and combine constantly right until the gelatine is dissolved. Include plenty of chicken seed slowly but surely to the gelatine combine right until the seed is thoroughly coated and the blend has a crumbly regularity. Stir until very well blended. Depart to cool marginally.

Line baking tray with baking paper and spray cutters and paper with cooking oil.

Meticulously spoon seed mixture into the moulds and pack down firmly. With a straw develop a hole for the twine to be threaded by way of afterwards.

Refrigerate for a few several hours or till moulds are agency.

Carefully take out the cutters and thread a duration of twine by means of the hole to cling in your favourite tree or patio.

Bird Seed Hanging Feeder recipe steps #garden


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