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Gardening on the Western Facet in Australia

 Gardening on the Western Side in Australia

A backyard that faces west will be subject to extremes of temperature. On a summer afternoon, this is the place the sun can bake the soil, scorching all but the hardest of plants. Many beautiful plant species revel in a western location however, and intelligent plant selection can change an ‘unusable’ part of your back garden into an inviting dwelling house.

Western side flower backyard


Geranium, (Pelargonium sp.), will relish an location that replicates its warm, Mediterranean origins. Vibrant, colourful blooms appear for most of the year and an uncovered site can assistance lower fungal difficulties such as rust on the foliage. Give geraniums comprehensive sunshine and excellent drainage. They want an alkaline soil of all-around pH 8, so acid soils might profit from an occasional dose of dolomite or lime. Typical useless-heading will market continued flowering from summer season into autumn. Also check out ‘scented geraniums’ whose flowers are insignificant but launch a vary of mouth watering fragrances from their foliage when it is rubbed or crushed. The heat of the sunlight can launch their essential oils into the air, creating an intoxicating environment on a summer season afternoon.


Though fragrance is an typically overlooked factor in yard design and style, it can convey an additional amount of interest and pleasure to a back garden. Lavender (Lavendula sp.) is a substantially- loved perennial or smaller shrub which quite a few guests just can’t resist touching for its distinct fragrance. Lavender and geraniums love similar growing circumstances and can make superb companions in a back garden bed dealing with the scorching western solar.

Gardening on the Western Side in Australia flowers and fruit that will growGardening on the Western Side in Australia flowers and fruit that will grow


For minor routine maintenance and higher visual effects, bougainvilleas make a flamboyant, tropical search, even in amazing locations. Common bougainvilleas are best ‘trained’ along walls or fence strains beneath a watchful eye, but the compact ‘Bambino’ assortment can be far more simply confined to scaled-down regions or grown in large pots or hanging baskets. Give bougainvilleas normal purposes of Searles Liquid Potash to persuade more substantial, stronger blooms with less drinking water shoot (flowerless advancement). Bougainvilleas appear fantastic companioned with cycads.


A composition like an arbour or archway makes a superb shade framework when coated in a blanket of greenery. Allamanda (Allamanda schottii) enjoys clamoring over an archway and bears waxy, vividly-coloured flowers for most of the calendar year. There are now numerous allamanda cultivars which bloom in a selection of colors, such as subtle hues of gold, cream, ruby, caramel and peach. Rising diverse types of climbers which flower at distinctive periods of year on the exact trellis can properly increase the flowering season from 1 period to an additional.A good companion for allamanda are the wisteria- like bouquets of Sandpaper vine (Petrea volubis). With various racemes of pleasant violet flowers, the petrea will repeat flower from spring until late summer season. Glimpse for a exceptional cultivar known as ‘Purple Passion’ (Petrea kohautiana) which has significant bouquets borne on racemes as prolonged as 40cm.

Succulents for the Western Back garden

For up to date gardens, euphorbias are hard to overlook. The African milk tree (Euphorbia trigona), in each its eco-friendly and purple sorts, would make a hanging existence in the backyard garden. This succulent hails from Africa and can established the scene for an eye-catching succulent or cacti garden in very hot web sites. Rising to 2 metres, this heat lover rarely desires pruning and can be grown in large containers with lesser succulents all over its foundation. It also looks great with elegant kinds of mother- in-law’s tongue (Sansevieria sp.) Famed for their toughness, sansevieria present magnificence, hardiness and design. Use a effectively blended potting combine these types of as Searles Cacti & Succulent Blend and pot them up with other succulents. This can also save you the hassle of digging gardens in the most popular areas.

Foliage crops for aspect gardens

Several cycad types enjoy the intensive sunlight of a western element. The fern-like fronds of these primitive crops produces
a lush, tropical search as very well as a perception of framework. Beneath-plant cycads with trusted groundcovers such as creeping boobialla (Myoporum parvifolia), seaside daisy (Erigeron karvinskianus) or the silver foliaged kidneyweed ‘Silver falls’ (Dichondra argentea).

Developing citrus trees in the Western Back garden

Very hot places in the back garden can also be utilised for expanding fruit bearing trees. Olive trees and citrus trees of all kinds will develop happily in these spaces and the availability of several of the newer dwarf cultivars such as the ‘Lots-a-Lemons’ (genuine Dwarf Meyer lemon) and ‘Sublime’ (correct Dwarf Tahitian Lime), usually means a wider wide range can be developed in a smaller space.

Taller species such as olive trees can also make pleasing shade the moment set up. Many dwarf citrus cultivars and olives can be developed properly in substantial containers these kinds of as fifty percent wine barrels. Underplanted with helpful herbs such as oregano, thyme or rosemary, this can convert a barren region into a really effective corner of the back garden.

Gardening on the South Side Producing a Western Herb Garden Noel Burdette is a hugely highly regarded Local horticulturist and plantsman in Se Qld and is well recognised for his like of naturalistic and softer type gardens . Apart from obtaining his individual Private garden consultancy support , Noel can be on a regular basis read on 1116 4bc speaking gardening each and every Saturday early morning and is a contributor to numerous regional yard magazines such as Subtropical gardening , About the Backyard garden and Queensland Good Farmer (Rural Press) . He is also a standard presenter on the regionally created television programme Blooming in Brisbane” which airs every week on Digital 31. Noel retains a flag highly for wholesome yard ecologies and is usually heard at numerous backyard gatherings, golf equipment and Societies in the course of south East Queensland. On ask for, Noel also gives a personal garden consultation and layout services. Every time Noel has the prospect, he can be observed eagerly tending to his individual backyard garden “Wildside” which is really concentrated on balanced ecology and plant variety. Take a look at Noel’s blog site

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