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Gardening on the South Side in Australia

Gardening on the south side in Australia #aboutthegardenmagazine

A south-going through backyard can make it hard to improve greens or fruit trees, yet in the sizzling Australian climate the light coolness of a southern component can be a legitimate blessing.

In Australia, the sun is commonly in the northern portion of the sky and moves even farther north in winter. On the southern aspect of a dwelling, tree or other composition, vegetation can skip out on robust, direct sunlight, particularly in the course of winter season. Sometimes these plants will need to endure cold, dim months in the depths of wintertime when they acquire no immediate sunlight at all. Usually the only time plants on the southern aspect will see the sunlight will be for the duration of the summer, in the mornings or afternoons. This tends to make it a challenge to improve many types of vegetation in the part of your garden that faces south.

Shady issues

As tempting as it might be, you need to not try to increase true sunlight loving crops these as roses and pelargoniums in long-term shady locations — it will only finish in pests, conditions and disappointment. Luckily there are numerous lovely plants that are equipped not only to survive, but can flourish in these conditions.

Shrubs that have to have some diploma of safety from the warmth and immediate gentle of the sunshine these as hydrangea, mist flower (Bartlettina sordida) (Syn. Eupatorium megalophyllum), vireya rhododendron, azalea and abutilon (Chinese lanterns) only relish a southern component.

I like the southern aspect of my back garden as it enables me to indulge in hardy, heat weather bulbs these as habranthus (rain lily), scadoxus (blood lily) and the golden spider lily (Lycoris aurea). These pleasant crops bear their vibrant blooms at different moments of year and all feel to shine in a southern surroundings. Because of the gentle light-weight, the flowers appear to be to final for a longer period and really don’t get scorched or bleached by the solar.

 South-facing shade lovers for the Australian Garden #aboutthegardenmagazine South-facing shade lovers for the Australian Garden #aboutthegardenmagazine

H2o requirements

The soil on the southern side of your household can keep on being wetter for lengthier periods. This can necessarily mean it wants fewer artificial watering and that you can pick out vegetation that enjoy more moist situations. Mass plantings of indigenous violet (Viola hederacea) or plectranthus species are brief expanding floor addresses that will enjoy the more moisture.

Indoor plants on vacation…

Indoor pot vegetation like philodendrons, fuchsias or bromeliads can advantage from an occasional spell outside in a south-struggling with place. Listed here, they can appreciate normal out of doors elements like rain, the neat night air and mild breezes without becoming pressured or burned by the sun. Indoor plants that refuse to bloom can even be coaxed into flowering with this treatment prior to being introduced back indoors.

Indoor vegetation can of training course, turn into long term outdoor plants in a south-struggling with place and if you preserve them in their pots they can be moved all over to seize just the appropriate total of daylight.

A great retreat

The southern facet of the yard can be the perfect place for entertaining during warm weather, so improve it with paving, a gazebo or pergola.

Of climbing plants, deciduous kinds these kinds of as wisteria, decorative grape or clematis can be great choices as they will make the most of the pleasing, oblique winter sunlight. Despite the fact that beautiful, evergreen species can make a southerly part chilly, darkish and unwelcoming all through the depths of wintertime.

Weed command

Shady locations are fewer prone to currently being colonised by weeds, but there are continue to some culprits. In cooler locations, even a lot-liked crops like neglect-me- not and honesty can become weedy, out-competing extra fragile crops these types of as legitimate snowdrops (Galanthus sp.) or woodland species like trillium.

During winter, several forms of moss will make an look in locations facing south, specially on compacted soil in lawns. Moss can be treated by introducing smaller amounts of Searles Iron Chelate and watering it into the soil. Aerating the soil by digging in a large backyard fork can assist market the advancement of garden as it will allow oxygen to get down to the roots of the grass.

Lawns in the shade

A lot of high-quality-textured lawns can struggle in these shadier web sites, so opt for a wide-leafed range that can cope with shade, these kinds of as Searles Sun & Shade Garden Seed. Sow it through warmer weather so it is proven by the time winter arrives.

If you just cannot improve a lawn of any type in these locations, look at a garden substitute these types of as Dichondra repens (kidney weed), pennyroyal mint (Mentha pulegium), Viola odorata (English Violet) or even blue bugle (Ajuga repens).

Each individual back garden comes with its personal assortment of troubles and benefits. It is up to us to make more robust observations on the ecosystem in which to backyard garden and discover out from your nearby reliable nursery and horticulturist what alternatives will operate most effective for you in your location.


Noel Burdette is a very highly regarded Neighborhood horticulturist and plantsman in Se Qld and is nicely identified for his love of naturalistic and softer type gardens . Apart from possessing his possess Non-public back garden consultancy support , Noel can be often listened to on 1116 4bc talking gardening every single Saturday early morning and is a contributor to numerous neighborhood backyard garden magazines these as Subtropical gardening , About the Backyard garden and Queensland Intelligent Farmer (Rural Press) . He is also a standard presenter on the regionally created television programme Blooming in Brisbane” which airs every single week on Digital 31. Noel retains a flag really for healthful backyard ecologies and is generally heard at many yard activities, clubs and Societies through south East Queensland. On request, Noel also delivers a non-public backyard garden session and design provider. Anytime Noel has the chance, he can be observed eagerly tending to his very own back garden “Wildside” which is extremely concentrated on wholesome ecology and plant variety. Go to Noel’s blog

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